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MR. CAPONE-E : On a Come Up lyrics

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MR. CAPONE-E lyrics : "On a Come Up"

(feat. Criminal)

[Intro: Midnight Stalker]

HAHAHA, lets ride homes
Another Southside gangster hit
Hi-Power Entertainment mother$#&@ers

If you didn't know, it's that mother$#&@in Capone
With that E and his homie Criminal from the 2-1-3
So Criminal let 'em know homes

Criminals' leavin 'em in concussion

Watch out for the nine I'm bustin
$#&@ a discussion, I bust, leavin your blood rushin
You don't wanna be with me, I guarantee

Pick up the microphone
In a world of my own
Represent to the fullest

Southern Killer Cali I roam
Watch out for the chrome I'm packin'
When I'm drunk and I'm stoned

Make sure it's fully loaded when I'm leavin' my home
Never know where I always be trippin'
And never will I get caught slippin'

I'm sippin' on this bottle
Smashin' on the throttle
When I catch you out of luck

It's like a mother$#&@in' lotto
Like Desperado, this latino's got a gang of stratch
Look at me the wrong way and I'll put you on your back

On the attack, I don't give a $#&@ who you are
I always had a hard time pullin' your body off the dock
From far and near, Criminals' name is all you hear

The young Sureño, spittin' deadly rhymes in your ear

[Chorus: Mr. Capone-E]

We some Hi-Power riders on a mission for a come up
Vatos trippin' and they slippin' if they wanna play young
Bang-Bang on you hoes, oh no it's Capone

Straight creepin' while your sleepin' its the Mr. Criminal
Layin' low with except, waitin' for our late night checks
West coast representing piercing hallows through your chest

Pop-Pop we don't stop till we reach this top
Puttin' it down, open up shop and we never gonna stop leva

[Mr. Capone-E]
Oo wee, it's Capone-E the E
Southside bang, $#&@ all my enemies

See you can't see me on a puck sucker status
Hi-Power be the lable and we leave to do damage
Hooked up with Criminal now songs plain simple

Sureño love rockin' that little Regal
In a Lincoln Continental
Now were ballin' out of control

Little Simons' up in a Benzo
Smokin' indo
Till the sun rises up

That'll $#&@ you up
Cause we don't give a $#&@
From the S-G-V to the 2-1-3

From the Big Valley to (?) ally
Southern Cali
Hi-Power riders in this tank

Bangin shanks
Slappin' fools up in this gangsta rap
Who's got your back

Cause your arm was full of (?)
Mr. Capone-E makes you think
And I'mma drop you like a biatch


Give it up the the Sureños till the day that I die
Kickin with the homeboys and I'm always gettin high

Don't ask me why, it's just the life that I lead
Earn my name for robbing mother$#&@ers for their green
Indeed, and $#&@ your bullet-proof vest
I come to correct but this ain't no mother$#&@in test
It's a game called life and death

Blood, tears, and sweat
Went from a youngster to a mother$#&@in Vet
And what's next, your life is took, by this young crook
I had a ski mask on my face so ain't no tellin' how I looked
I shook the scene and got a clean

Robbed that mother$#&@er for his cash and his bling
Watch it gleam on my wrist, watch it gleam on my neck
Consequences of a mother$#&@er that just got checked
Respect this tiny rapper from the South
Staight Sureño till I die $#&@in' chump, watch your mouth


[Outro: Midnight Stalker]
HAHAHAHA now you mother$#&@er know

Who's runnin' this biatch
Mother$#&@in' Hi-Power Riders
They call me mother$#&@in Midnight Stalker
For those who don't know
Now you $#&@ing know
Big soldados my torpedoes

Taking over this %#@! with balas
All across the globe
Hi-Power Entertainment
Non-stop, click-clock, pop-pop

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