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MR. CAPONE-E : New West Coast lyrics

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MR. CAPONE-E lyrics : "New West Coast"

(feat. Fingazz, Lil' Eazy)

[Lil' Eazy (Fingazz in background):]

What's crackin'
This Lil' Eazy mother$#&@in' E
With my homeboy ese Capone-E

S.G.V. to the C.P.T., my ^!$$%
That real west coast gangsta %#@! (Yeah)

[Chorus: Fingazz]
This is cut-throat gangsta music
New west coast, smashin' on you, (*##$es

You don't ride like we ride
Tryin' to pull a hot suicide

[Verse 1: Mr. Capone-E]
The gangsta rap king is back

Sittin' in a Cadillac, holdin' up my strap [gun @@#!]
This a new west coast smasher
Still on streets, I'm a Southside gangsta (SOUTHSIDE!)

Holdin' it down for the blue
With the Prince of Compton, and I'm rollin' right through [tires screeching]
I'm in ya hood

Pass me a drink
Make one wrong move and then I'll ground you a zinc [gunshot]
Tag a body bag [police siren]

Leaving a white hearse
The real G's are back, and I'm a hit 'em where it hurts
No mercy

S'a load of the barrel
It's the end of the world with my gangsta aparrell
Hush Puppies

White tees and Pennotins
Sippin' on a 40, real chin-checkin' veteran

Where the club cousin fiend
I'm killa Cali's most wanted out that Big 1-3

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Lil' Eazy]

The spoke's stay turnin'
The police

Pass, the joints stay burnin' [sigh]
The 6-4 lean to the back
Levi's got a crease, E lean with a strap (Ha ha)

Cortez, black mack, got a beam on it (POW!)
I'm the Dopeman, block got fiends on it
Team's on it, that's money in the bag

Lil' Eazy is the name, same homey with the rag
Toes tag, you could die in the mix
I'm a west coast ^!$$%, I'll reside as the prince (Yeah)

It's '06, and your boy got cake
Get Capone on the phone, say "It's on" in the states (Hello?)
I got weight, now it's time for the come up

@@#!ed and ready, your boy keep one up
Run up, and you're bound to get dropped
Still Ruthless (Ha ha ha)

Still hold it down for my pops (Yeah)

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Mr. Capone-E]

Three and to the four
Capone-Double E, strong arm at your front door

Back with that gang-banger limo
With the legend Eazy's son, so the real just entered
Makin' the west coast tremble

Shakin' up the streets, Hi Power's the epicenter
Callin' out you lames
It's the full time jacking in the county of L.A.

Eastsiders (SOUTHSIDE!)
Packin' heat
Easier said then done, that's why I'm on these streets
On these blocks
Still up to no good

Cause the boys in the hood ain't goin'
Never should
Cause the west is back
It's a new generation, new Regals and Cadillacs

New macks [gunshots]
And lay these (*##$es
Hardest to the heart, straight pound for pound

[Chorus x2]


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