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MONTY GUY lyrics : "Work Your Mojo Tonight"

I got a message by email
Looks like I'll be busy tonight
My Lady's message said "don't fail

... to come and do your duty right"
She feels really stressed out
She had a very rough day at work

So she's calling me over
To relieve her tension and hurt

((: She said to come and work the mojo
Give me that good mojo
I want your sweet mojo tonight

Show me that good mojo
Give me all your mojo
I need my Baby's mojo tonight:))

I dropped everything I was doing
Had to move like a doctor on call

Emergency service...
Must be placed paramount above all
Of course, I have vested interest

I know the subject so very well
Plus, she showed good judgment
As far as I could tell... when

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa