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MONICA lyrics : "Breaks My Heart"

[Verse 1]
When I think of what i've done

All the pain that I brung
Baby you should've walked out on me
And when I turned away from you whenever there were hard times

How could you still be with me
And it was no mistake when I hurt you that day
And went out with sombody new

But still you forgave me like it was so easy
I should've been better TO you

Baby it breaks my heart
To think that lovin' me is not easy to do

And I don't mean to make it hard
Sorry for all the changes I put you through
And it's hard to believe

After everything you're still right beside me
Wouldn't trade you for this whole world
Thankful just being your girl

[Verse 2]
Never gave you my heart

Cause I never thought
You deserved any of me
I never told you how I felt

When deep inside I knew that
You're really what I need
And I always gave you up

Whenever I thought something better comes along
And right when I come back
You're waiting for me

And you welcomed me home.


And if it takes my whole life

I'll make it up to you
Cause I've been so cruel
You've given your love to me

Inspite of everything
Idon't deserve you
From this day forward

I'm truly yours
and it took me a while to see
That we were meant for one another

Thank you for lovin' me

[Chorus till song goes off]

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