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MONICA lyrics : "'Cross The Room"

See ya from across the room

[Verse 1:]
It's Friday night and
I'm going to a party

With my man, to dance
As soon as we get in
He is lost with his friends and

I'm there, in a trance


I can tell that someone's looking at me
And I didn't come here by myself
But he left me here at someone else's feet

So it must mean he didn't care
I'm goin' on

See you from across the room
Like you wanna know me

If you wanna make a move
Meet me on the dance floor
Though I'm here with someone else

He's not what I'm looking for
Instead I've seen him 'cross the room
Meet me on the dance floor

[Verse 2:]
As the night goes on

Each dance makes me wonder
What is on, your mind
More than a dance as you pull

Up to me it feels, alright


[Chorus (2x)]

Let me know what you wanna do
Can't you tell that I'm missing you
Let me know that you're right on time

Cause I'm lookin for someone else tonight

[Chorus (2x)]

Meet me on the dance floor [3x fading]

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