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MODERN TALKING : Just We Two (Mona Lisa) lyrics

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MODERN TALKING lyrics : "Just We Two (Mona Lisa)"

Good guys only win in the movies
Evil women telling stories
There will never be another you

It's true
Down in and out in Pris city
All the things are tough and pretty

Stay with me until the night is gone

Just we two

Mona Lisa, breaks my heart
Just we two
You are a lovely work of art

Baby, just we two
You want me and I want you
Baby, just we two

I don't wanna lose for you

Everybody loves their lover

Everybody's undercover
Half a million miles I'll be from home
Heaven must be missing an angel

You're the hottest child of the city
I can ask for anymore than you
It's true

Baby, just we two
I'm a firstclass fool

Baby, just we two
All my dreams come true

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