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MODERN TALKING : Girl Out Of My Dreams lyrics

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MODERN TALKING lyrics : "Girl Out Of My Dreams"

Dreams that money just can't buy
You give away no try and now you're gone, is it forever?
Love for me is not a game

Don't play a trick again, it's over now, is it forever
Don't hurt my heart

Oh I thought you are the girl out of my dreams
I'll be there for you, oh baby, now it seems
You're the one who quit this love and let me go

Is it over now, I have to know

Girl, oh why you changed your mind?

There's a way we'll find, but why you're gone, is it forever?
Love is looking through my eyes
Don't leave this paradise, it's over now, is it forever?

Don't hurt my heart

I have to know, I have to know...

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