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MODERN TALKING : From Coast To Coast lyrics

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MODERN TALKING lyrics : "From Coast To Coast"

Oh lady, I'm close to lose you
You're burning up my live, more and more
Oh lady, I can't forget you

I know I can't survive, like before
Oh lady, I'll always miss you
Oh I will swear to you that I love you

From coast to coast (from coast to coast)
From east to west (from east to west)

I know for shure (I know for shure)
You are the best (your are the best)
Why does it feels so good with you

Don't leave me here, what can I do?`
My world is in your hands, you'll see
I love you til eternity

Oh lady, if this is heaven
I'm not afraid of hell, I'm telling you

Oh lady, my heart is lonely
I know the time will tell, I tell the truth
Oh lady, I'll always miss you

Oh I will swear to you, that I love you

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