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Mitchel Musso : Cheese Jerky Rap lyrics

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Mitchel Musso lyrics : "Cheese Jerky Rap"

(Jackson)i'm the man who has the cheese
(Oliver)i'm the man who has the jerky!
(Jackson) we put 'em both together

(oliver) and dude it really worky!
(both) cheese jerky!
(jackson) say what

(oliver) say what (both) cheese jerky
(jackson) say what
(oliver) say what! mozzerella moose swiss and moguta turkey

(jackson) a just 1 taste it'll drive u BAZZERKY (both) cheese jerky
(jackson) say what
(oliver) say what

(both) and it's all ficky ficky ficky FRESH!!
(jackson)(spoken) sizzlin' stewart and smokin oaken enterprise is pattened pending!
(both)(spoken) oOo!

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