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Have me politickin bout the politicians
What the $#&@ was you rap for 40000 fake ups
And I ain't even talk about the war

And all the storer hoods that I got love for
And I'm in and out of lanes tryina switch all 6
But I'm steady on the gas, cause some things I can't fix

But look, ^!$$% know the caper close
Stack paper so I turn the beamer to a ghost
I guess I'm still on that ^!$$% %#@!

Chains and whip gonn tain a ^!$$% (*##$
Have you all sick of a foolish %#@!
A lot of ^!$$%s talk it, but few really do that %#@!

Hah, fab know I'm really on it
My style gangster and %#@!, cause I really done it
You got a problem with menace

Well you can tell him?stacking up,
Just minding my bizness, I'm 8 ballin, wassup

Long nights in the lab, writing bout my past
Body full of tats, ^!$$%s that past
Nike box full of letter from my comrades

My cousin getting killed, turnt his son into a sav
Guess you are who you are player
Bad grades, strippers from beein ball players

Still made dough like the ball players
Lawyers paid off, anticipated the fall later
I speak the truth, when y'all lying

The death of america ?
Can't hit the hood man, without the lost pioneer
Time I hit the hood, I hear about my dogs dying

Don't know where to stop, don't know where to go
Got shot, no hospital, he on parole
And that would be a violation for sure

And back to saint quinton, he don't wanna go.

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