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MISS THE MARK : Beyond A Shallow Grave lyrics

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MISS THE MARK lyrics : "Beyond A Shallow Grave"

All of a sudden, Beyond shadow of a doubt, Beyond a shallow grave, A ghastly ghoul calls my name, A girl I $#&@ed, A girl I loved, Raises to reanimate, You're a zombie, RAAAAAAAH ZOMBIE, You try to take a breath But all you breathe is death, You try to talk, But when you speak you cannot walk, You limp towards me whispering my name, Your dead flesh wraps around my neck, You pull me below to a haunting grave, My last words said, To my corpse bride: "I do" and with that my wife took my life

My heart cries "I'm broken", Why the $#&@ is it beating? If I die then it's okay, I'm just a heart in a jar for you babe, You got in my head, Infection, Affection, $#&@ing temptress, Your soul is breaking me down, Once again I fake a smile and forget, But then I have those thoughts, I remember you in my bed

Breathless, Cold skin, Naked, $#&@ing !@^%, Peel off my face, Wear my mask, Who is this boy? He is no man, He is dead, Oh what a zombie, Feed me lies, I don't crave truth, The only taste I need is of you, Help me lose control, Help me lose it all

I know what you've done, I know what you've become, I'm so in love, I don't care

[Chorus x3]
No please, No more, I beg of you, Dead, Hopeless, My heart, I promise it beats for you, Only for you, Left, Helpless, My love, Please dont leave, Ill do anything to make you stay, You dont know what I would do, I know what you've done, I know what you've become, But I'm so in love, I don't care, I don't care

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