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MINECRAFT SONGS : The Minecraft 1.5.1 Song lyrics

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MINECRAFT SONGS lyrics : "The Minecraft 1.5.1 Song"

Oh hey look I'ts that time again
Another update time for a lotta change
A few bugs out, a hella new items in

An epic change log, where should I begin?

Take a quick trip to the Nether, Coz i think I ought to, mine some Quartz ore.

Comparator craft that chest is trapped
Smelt the Netherrack, and snow now stacks.

Slimes now spawns with the moon in phases,
Beacon block will increase the range and,
Mobs are harder, don't wanna alarm ya

Better get ready for some combat drama!

Let's make this technical,

Connect a dropper near a hopper,
let's stack our stores till full.

Let's make this magical
With a weighted pressure plate to
Increase the signal

My base now looks like central station, with a cart for every quest.
My wheat farm just looks amazing, with this new bone meal affect.

With this new bone meal affect,
I kinda like this bone meal affect,

Gonna get a bit o better bone meal affect.

Oh and just one more thing,

I've saved the best for last yeah.
If your looking for revenge
Surprise a creeper with

a TNT dispenser

With TNT dispenser,

If your looking for revenge,
With a TNT dispenser.

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