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Milow : Never Gonna Stop lyrics

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Milow lyrics : "Never Gonna Stop"

It's in taxis it's on trains
In airports hopping planes

The silence moving on contains
It's in all the in-betweens
In the day to day routines

In over 15 million dreams

It's in trying to close the door

It's never gonna stop
It's in how you're looking for
A way to make it stop

It's in missing someone more
It's never gonna stop
No it's never gonna stop

It's like trying to fly trapeze
Like has-beens gonna-bes

Ill at ease and hard to please
It's how Paris how Cologne
How even Zurich feels outgrown

It's in the way you could have known

Can you make some room for me

Can you make some room for me

It's in trying to close the door it's never gonna stop

I miss you even more and it's never gonna stop

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