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Milow : Little In The Middle lyrics

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Milow lyrics : "Little In The Middle"

You always wanted to be
Part of a circus company
For the fun and death defying

But in time you forgot life is small in the big top
And your dreams were slowly dying
What you wanted was not a crime

You could've done it

Now you're always just a little

A little in the middle
A little in the middle of where you're bound
Always just a little in the middle

It keeps your head from spinning round

Jugglers walk on the wire

Lions leap through hoops of fire
As the acrobats go flying
But what's the show all about

When did your north get turned to south
And the truth turn to lying
What you wanted was not a crime

You could've done it but you needed time

But it's a hole you're digging

A hole you're digging you're doing it despite
The so much more you're missing
More you're missing to your left and to your right

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