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Millionaires : My Chick Bad (remix) lyrics

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Millionaires lyrics : "My Chick Bad (remix)"

ha you think that %#@! was bad, just wait
straight outta OC (*##$, cali girls, here we go
you think your (*##$ is bad get ready for this

don't need a lotta tats to make me look tough
i'm a millionaire, (*##$, that's more than enough

the real bad chicks, come outta OC
where money makes you wet, wipe it up, Bounty
Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Beamer, Benz or Bently

These (*##$es think they bad and they better step back
middle finger in my vag, wet #[email protected] cap
my money stay dirty and my wallet stay thick

kinda like my man, black, dick
don't got a big $$# but your boyfriend don't care
he hit it from the back while he's pullin on my hair

yes I am, and I plea guilty, red, hand
i got a lotta cash and I got a lotta dough
my livers talkin %#@!, alcoholic, hoe,

i get what i want and i get what i need
what i don't say please

I got it all, all these ^!$$%z tryna get me
I'm so bad, talk yo %#@!, I'll send you a pic while he licks my [email protected]$%

Pound side nudes, pound side $#&@

Post that %#@!, is anyone up?

So here we go, this is it, tuck our tits
Millionaires !#$*

Cheers (*##$, Let's get wasted
Orange County, 714 (*##$
I'm bad, $#&@in BAD (*##$

I don't give a $#&@, DGAF, (*##$
Where my crew at betta holla, quick

Up in the club with my boys, HI
I'm the only bad (*##$ they want, BYE
It's time to get drunk

Then i'll take you home so we can fu fu $#&@
I drink too much, last name Green
makin bank and poor (*##$es scream

all real, no cheap weave or implants, feel
Millionaires are here and I know you want more
Mixtape comin too, get ready, [email protected]^%

Get ready (*##$

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