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Millionaires : Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid lyrics

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Millionaires lyrics : "Just Got Paid, Let's Get Laid"

Welcome to my life $#&@in' VIP
You see I see you lookin' at me
High rollin' on the side got them drinks raise em high

Boy with tats is my guy now lets take it to the sky
In the helli raisin hell your boys blowin' up my cell
While he's grabbin' on my $$# open bar we're gettin' trashed

In my 5 star suite (*##$ we can't be beat
We got 5 boys each hoe you know me!!

Cause I just paid
Lets get laid

I dropped 2 stacks on this dress & its comin' off later
With a pro skater or maybe with this waiter

And he said we'll head home popping bottles of Patrone
With my tone on his phone all the callers unknown
In the Millionaire world %#@!s turned around

It's the boys that drop their knees to the ground
Cause they know I'm in this band & I know they my fan
Give a cent he takes a grand TAKE THAT RING OFF MY !#@*ING HAND


My life is now [flash flash] ohh paparazzi
Shawty with a hawtayyy (hahaha)
It's the life you dream

GOD those girls are sooo annoying
Ya they're like totally ruining music...
You think you'll get famous taking pictures for free?!

Think AGAIN (*##$ maybe you should do it like me
Can you believe i get paid to shake my $$# on stage
We're getting drunk errrrrryday you're makin' minimum wage

We live the life you wish (*##$ don't say %#@!!
No talent just lucky but they stilllll wanna $#&@ meeEEH!!!


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