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Millionaires : I Move It lyrics

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Millionaires lyrics : "I Move It"

[Pre Chorus]
I move it, I grind it
I drop it to the floor

I move it in the line
And even at the door
Now if you see me shakin' it

Please don't be so shy
I'll move a little closer
Cause you're my kind of guy

[Verse 1]
So kids these days are always freaking out about their reps

When they go out they never even dance a single step
I'm so turned off by all these boys who never $#&@in' dance
When I see a boy just standing there he won't get in my pants

I can't see what they do
I can't hear what they say

He looks so lame just standing
Come out and $#&@ing play

You want a cig? Then take it
Just get out of my way
You look so dim staring me down

God, you're so cliche

Sometimes I like them tall (uh-huh)

Sometimes I like them short (alright)
But if you got no moves
You'll be my last resort (that's right)

So come on boy let's shake it
Yeah take me to the floor,

I'll bite your lip and scratch your back
I swear I'm not a [email protected]^%

I move it
We like it

I move it
Now get down to it

[Verse 2]
So finally I see you coming up to dance with me
You look so hot, come touch my bod, don't make me plea

Yeah that's the way I like it boy come give a little more
So bend me down, I'll bring it up, I know I'll make you sore

Oh baby baby
Oh what you want from me?
I see the way you're looking

But that won't come for free

You've gotta show me what you got

Yeah how you get it down
'Cause you won't get me looking like that
I've been around

So if you wanna go
Then meet me at the show

I'll put you on my list
You'll get to pass on all the row

Now we're in the pit
So get on me let's do it
You grab my hand to go

Now baby you're just too legit


[Verse 3]
I see you leaning over me to whisper in my ear

"Hey baby you make me hot, let's get out of here"
Boy it's not that easy if you really wanna score
The only place that I'll go down is on this $#&@ing floor

Now don't be a dick
I swear I'm not a tease
Just prove to me you're worth it
And you might get my keys

Boy now look at you, look at you
You're all up on my junk
I can't lie, I like it
Who cares if you're drunk?

So wha so wha
So what's it gonna be?
Do you want me here? Or over there?
I know you wanna do me

Now don't be shy
I swear I don't bite hard
But I always get my fill
And I am going in for the kill

[Pre Chorus]
I move it, I grind it
I drop it to the floor
I move it in the line
And even at the door

Now if you see me shakin' it
Please come get a little taste
'Cause you look good I want you bad
Ooh I want you bad...


I'll work it down
Shake it down
Drop it to the floor
If you'll bend me over
Work me over
Like you did before
I know you like it

I know you see it
Come and get some more
So work it out
Break it down
Come on make me sore


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