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MIKE TONINZ lyrics : "I Need A Girl Part 2"

Let me tell you a story about a little shorty
name not important
damn she's a hottie

lucky if you know her

she wears my CROWN atop her head like a CORONA

body like a goddess

I'm trippin out she's flawless
inner beauty like pearls found in an oyster

there's this certain thing about her
you can call it an aura
I'm DRAWN to her body like the CANVAS to a PAINTER

you jealous coz you aint her
other girls cya later

just coz she's on my mind no reason for you to hate her

why you gotta be like that?

just coz she's all that
got my heart racing so fast... heart attack

calls me up every friday
her mind is so naughty
always wants to KICK it at my place like KARATE

the time we spend... so rauchy
she roars like a Bugatti

when we finished looks like my place has been trashed by a party

next day we clean it up like laundry then back to where we started

her lips taste so sweet like frosting

every moment spent together I swear it makes me feel like I'm on holiday

I never listen to what the haters say
she will never FADEAWAY coz I'm always on POINT like KOBE

BRYANT I aint lying when I say she's the APPLE of my eye
so I wanna take a BITE like (Mike) TYSON

you got them chasing can you hear the sirens?
they'll never sink our love even if they have an iceberg

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