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MICAH B. lyrics : "Kanye West - New God Flow ft. Pusha T Cover"

$#&@ these mainstream queens, I call these rappers Kesha. I'm an underground king they should bury me with treasure, or bury me with pleasure but they bury me with pressure.

Truly Unruly Rulers I'm conquering every measure. On my KING %#@! timothy, king %#@! nobility. Knew I was a prince ever since Ma's pregnancy. I made it through the odds this life will be the death of me.

Blunt sparked, weed !@$!ed its my special need. Smoke until its hard to breathe, munchies in my arteries,
real no apologizes I'm tryna make carter III. Platinum playa I don't @ naysayers with this new god flow I'm the answer to they prayers.

Amen, sick and tired of waiting . I'm feeNuh to go off like jon jones at the weigh in. I crawl into the cage like jon jones on his way in. Awaken the dark visuals like wes craven.

I'm with the riot, go off like I tried to eye it. I got weight off but im off a diet.
You look ready to bust a move. I hope you trying I aint lying I'm a lion. Get it straight or get ironed.

Tryna make knots without tying. Hardknocks aint dying. Our stretch eagle esque and we flying. Slow death like a cigarette. Get ya wrist slit, pivot off the cliff %#@!
and fall on a dick trick.

Eyes wide shut, dream I had an audience live life similar to rastafarians.
No concrete thought or roads in my delorian
knocking on deaths door cuz I just seem bored again.

Life is never plain but a plane is what I'm boarding in cordially invited to play on different devices.

Money sure entices but gold isn't priceless king midas didn't like it in the slightest. Money blind the brightest, but passion will ignite us. I keep it 300 all the time like keef & leonidas. No peak as my flow rises.

Enterprise of survivors energized with the fire. Killing like Michael Myers, my mojo like Mike Myers.

Groovy Groovy, the doobies real nice before movies. Got the munchies like Scooby so I'm feeling cartoony, truly just tryna keep the peace no tooly.

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