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MIC THE MICROPHONE lyrics : "Big Macintosh vs. Blueblood Feat David Larsen & Patrick Seymour"

[Verse 1: Blueblood]
Oh please, you little pauper
Do you know who I am?

I'm a prince. Against me
I'm surprised that you can stand
They sent some filthy work horse to fight?

Oh, how absurd!
How can you rap battle?
You only know two words!

You're such a joke!
When you were a dog, you had more brains!
Spend less time with colts

And we won't think that you're gay!
You call this game a rap battle?
Well, this will be over quick

But I'm not leaving 'till I teach this mutt
A few brand new tricks!
There's nothing big about you

You won't leave anyone wowing
That's probably why your garden
Is the only field you're plowing

I'll leave your eyes derping in circles
By the end of this song!
And you'll keep saying to yourself

"I just don't know what went wrong!"

[Verse 2: Big Mac]

You like to talk a big game
You sure are pompous, eeyup!
But everything that you've said

Just doesn't seem to add up
Now pardon me if I'm wrong
You see, I'm no good at math

But I don't need to know what 2 plus 2 is
To whoop your $$#!
I may not be the brightest bulb

Or the sharpest of nails
But you're so dense that people
Think you're delivering their mail

You're a coward! A chump!
You're not cut out for this game!
Oh by the way

You have a little bit of dirt in your mane
They call you Blueblood?
I'm sure that's not the only thing blue

If anypony is a joke here
It's probably you
You've gone way out of your league

Just pack your bags and go home
They call me Big for a reason:
Too much to handle on your own!

[Verse 3: Blueblood]
You've taken one too many apples to the head

You big fool!
Go back to your "Schmoopy Woopy Pie"
Cause you're about to get schooled!

Too much to handle on my own?
Oh, you think that you're scary?
You got tricked by your sis

A chicken, and dictionary!
This ain't a rodeo, you pig
Now get that dirt off your coat!

Cause while you're stuck in the mud
I'm in the air, on a boat!
Go cling to Smarty Pants and cry yourself to sleep

You big dope!
Do you still think you can win?
Because the answer's "Nnnope!"

[Verse 4: Big Mac]
Every rose has its thorn?

Well, you could have fooled me!
Because you sure ain't no flower, prince
You're more like a weed!

I'll buck you like a rotten apple
Kick you out in the rain
You're not a prince, Blueblood
You're just a big royal pain!
Where's your charming attitude now?

What's wrong, are you scared?
Because I shot you down like Rarity
Or some other mare?
You better saddle up and leave
Before I show you some harm

So get your royal $$# up
And get the buck off my farm!

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