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MEYHEM LAUREN lyrics : "The Silk Shirt Ambassador"

Hey you ..what up son
Chase steal what up son
Jay love what up son

Ax and bros what up son
D stacks what up son
All the beat what up son

..greens what up son
Yo yo yo yo

Pick the flashin and choose get droppin
take it queens in this (*##$ role up is no faking
i'm bust my rhymes in 2 ..essential my whole life is changed

wanna pick my potential, grow up and stay poppin like a gold presidential
sitting on the stairs with the man confidential
spitting for the street my flow is now residential

Physically ..but don't sleep on the mental
Can't do it for the mental society
The way i create and flirt with ..

.. i lay the man down with the ..
Be self..and takes my left and get a hundred ..
But i barely exercise if it's ..on your block and ..best the skies

And i'm moving i'm not drink the polo
I'm usually dressed like i'm about to take a photo
.. my wardrobe my .. Cause i'm a ..way back like a ..

word up ^!$$% ask about me
^!$$% we've been getting fresh son
mother $#&@er Gucci %#@!

kicks with the big stripes and all that
double g %#@!
i've been coming through that low %#@!

no offense to the death nor ..
..before them ^!$$%s go back and ..
..like son my ^!$$% we've been through it

Straight up man ..all that
Man flavors man colors and shti
Cross the limit %#@!, going text %#@!

Silk %#@! is the mother $#&@ing .. i am the rime

you know what i'm sayin

you keep reigning with the classic %#@!
..dont' really do for your ..
I gotta come through and so y'all ^!$$%s understand like

like how i feel inside and all that
when i hit you with that other ..

Don't get a $#&@ my .. still base
i put you in the ground turn you into a surface
and no ..getting money to spend

and spend it the way my people push fly that's never rented
.. listen to ..(*##$es talk %#@! but i never let a dirt of me
i'm too fly for that i'm too bad with the new one

probably test the bro in a park like a new gun
worng with the best guns
quit ..plus i get it in like j lo with the bets of

yes my check .. and reach you up ..
..wanna casualty is left to the kid
i see you come back to my beats and show what i did

you know my ..i'll be right up in your crib
used to ..about to go up ..
Hold your hands son

What's you r.. it's a little sample like a mother $#&@er ..
When a ^!$$% touches myself catches as might
'cause i'm still in the .. ways so i gotta keep myself focused on this rap %#@!

Be fore i straight the $#&@ign way
You know what i mean
'cause i've been busy

I'll be the state lobsters sucked off it's like ..

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