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MEYHEM LAUREN lyrics : "The Laurenovich Angle (Fuck Pitchfork)"

A pitchfork's a devilish tool, we don't use those
Real shottie under the seat, get your goof froze
Crack jokes after the crime and drop knowledge

87 credits, sold drugs and dropped college
Career criminal, but volunteered at the youth center
Try to drop jewels on the kid and let the truth in him

Real new york sits you out of town is where to get it
My resume is realistic so I $#&@in live it
It's a thin line between the critor and the critic

What you see is what you get so mother$#&@er gimmick
My life is real so everyday it's different, can't predict it
Stayin with the thoughts that's reflected in my rhymes

Somedays we lift books and other times we hold 9's
%#@!, I'm no more contradictory than my life is
Played through wild spices, no point, control vices

Stay sharp, rap with preciseness, I'm priceless
The relevant

!@^#ot $$# journalist ^!$$%s like
If you always spit the same %#@!
^!$$%s say always want dimensional, he's no diversed

Bla, bla, bla,
Then when you hit em but all angles
Let em see you a real person, different side of you

$#&@ing smart dumb ^!$$%s can't even !@#^yze that %#@!
Get the $#&@ outta here man
You write about us

$#&@ing character, my only style is straight forward
Sometimes I drive slow and other times I straight floor it

Either way you see me whippin both I'm still me
I let my stories speak for themselves I'm so g
That mean gally, picture pitchfork's pissin me

Fun love and fight when it's on I move facingly
Renaissance man, fresh fall from forgettable
Unfiltered version of my life, I'm unspittable

Sit, have a sit, marinate in my mind state
Crush competition, makin tribute to the crime rate
I think life's a (*##$, literally I'm on a blind date

How could someone annalyze the rim if they defy fate
People like myself be on the top cause we design fate
Whole life, took matters into my own hands

That ^!$$% still $#&@in with old plans, we graduates
Swing swords, shooting up spots to tame savages
Kelly Kapalsky, call kelly kapalsky

You guys really got that one man
But you never loved ?that's what that song's about
I'm just a grown man obsessed with saved by the bell

Pat yourself on the back for such genius and !@#^yzing that $#&@ing song
You guys really know it all over there man

Crafted cleverly, kelly kapalsky's cocaine
Cobol comprehension causes confusion no brain
If you critic copy ended you don't understand much

?silk shirt inside of me, son, $#&@ the lottery
Official how it's gotta be, my city is in ?
Fly talk, watch cameron floats over your dome pieces

My ^!$$%s flown heats these own streets cause I'm a know beast
Moved double most the time, rock polo poster shine
International,?^!$$%s supossed to grind

I visit 3 worlds about, every 3 hours
So my vision's unclear to these ?cowards
Confused, wondering like an owl without vision

How my?running wild like a world with prison
I infuse the olive oil, you drizzle on your mill
Hit these devils with they own pitchfork

And let em squeel
It's laurenovich
!@%(yze that you $#&@ing genius $$# ^!$$%s man

You really know it all man
You real great guys over there
Man shout out to the whole staff

You got some real excelent writers writing for you man
You guys should quit journalism and be detectives
Such genius be a waste on a mother$#&@ing blog.

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