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METHEXIS lyrics : "Lines On A Bust"

I stand before the wisdom of your choice
With eyes open wide, waiting for the rain to make them shine
There's a time and there's a place where all theories converge

Fate has marked a stain. Wait me at the forest when it rains

I'll keep on trying drying your clay

I'll remain locked in fear of solitude

Now it's been five full lives and I still stand gazing time

There's been a branch above my eyes prohibiting humidity nearby
I've been still and haven't cried, I could not respond to fire
The branch has now been just ash. Raindrops full of grief are heading down

I found the time and I found the place
I will give a chance to clear the stain of me

I'll skip the crying and I'll pass the pain
I'll become a bust with tears like you've engraved

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