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METEORIC lyrics : "Pete"

Verse 1 :
once I knew a teen named Pete
a weak g teen with an injured feet

who don't get enough or deep sleep
everytime he dreams, he hears people's screams
he's about to meet the devil that he'll defeat

every week with more than three evil deeds
he's almost sixteen his favourite weapon is M-Sixteen
he's favourite hip-hop's song is wu tang's CREAM

he kills people like sheeps and bears
drink beer, a dope fiend, smokes till his eyes would bleed
drink henessy, chokes enemies till they stop breath

stick bullies $$#es on trees, while the temperature is - thirteen degrees ( -30°c )
never gave a $#&@ about feeding his seed cause he's a selfish teen who leads
the streets

Verse 2 :
always eating beef always looking for a beef
in his class, the last. and the first to leave

this fool get dropped outta school cause he raped a female (*##$ teen
his animal needs caused him aids, his ^&@#$ burns everytime he pees
lately, he hates nerds and geeks

he screws snitches who wear tight jeans
and $#&@ (*##$es that these snitches call queens
sometimes he goes nuts like MR Bean

his favourite horror movie is SCREAM
sometimes he feels like a character of Hide and Seek
he misses playing with mike, Hide and Seek

well this sheet was when he was a keed
%#@!! a kid ? whatever, he steals keys of limousines
cannibal, eats human's meat

hook : violon play
verse 3 :
favourite player on the field Ryan Giggs

this %#@! escalated now he steals military's jeeps
It seems that everyone wants of his pistol to be seen
now Sean's Magazine announced that he's in prison

but atleast he's more free than some outta prison
if you know what I mean
a thug a mug with no luck stuck selling drugs he just wants a hug or some love

it's been a longtime he didn't get his @@#!'s sucked or touched a !@#%'s butt to bust
a nut he used to think about having fun
now he thinks about getting a gun

he got one prisonner named crunk his body on the trunk
pete didn't knew that crunk's boss crew named frank
the most dangerous criminal of the block

frank and his crew coming with slugs
hook : violon play
verse 4 :

all the cops buck click clack can't defend himself only got one rock
they shot, the cops watch and don't move them butts
these bums see him crushed like a gum

all this %#@! happened cause pete wants some bucks
they say that he used to hide his victims on a huge box
people kill people not the gun

I scream ugh I got no buzz I sit and laugh I ain't puff
it's the funny the half of this world does
not know the consequences of loving :

money sex chicks drugs fame and control
you wanna go to hell then sell your soul

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