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METEORIC lyrics : "Hatred"

I've been Mr Nice before you $#&@ with me you Mc Slice
and now you're gonna get $#&@ed up twice
I will crush mash smash you like a lice

I'll give you little importance and I'll say like mice
you only talk when you need a $#&@ing advice
I spit better than you I got a huge dick than your neck

u $#&@ing prick u still get ur balls licked by smith
I'm only fiveteen you may be older than me
this is morocco not canada

this is morocco not 313 hamada
next time you talk about my mama
I'll bomb you like benladen osama

you were like ' Oh I'm poor as $#&@ "
you must be drunk when you said that
after u said that you got a house

in my town and you will whip my $$# down
let my family out you'll never have a croud
you'll never be famous you smell like a grandma's !@#*

you're just a hater you can suck my chubby big ^&@#$
$#&@ing with me (*##$ shove up a dish
six stitches sixty inches my revenge is delicious

I'm furious I'm genius you're a sissy curious
you're too heinous you can never reach my level
justin bieber listener you got the hate fever

you're a %#@! eater $$# butt crack hole kisser
asking me to promote your cover in my page
$#&@ a fame you got no name in this rap game

I'll make you feel the blame in your brain
you're a shame feel the pain!
disrespect me because of my age

you're $#&@ing with the best this is just a test
i'm ain't no jest I smoke more than you and I got a stronger chest
I'm not a g but I write what I see

I'll make you pee you can't be me
you're write what you seen in a movie you're a #~!!@
you can't push me you can't move me

the difference between you and me
you're not me that's why u judge me
know me find me then fight me

buy a life look at my bloody knife try to do not lie
see it's easy as pie enough spending time
on my line you never been high die !

hey you enough lay on my way
saying you're poor u mush gum u gay
u have a cam that's like saying### is not grey milkey

you're a ^^&$#* !@$) enough watching gay !@$^
i hope u boy get destroyed by a storm
saying that I'm jealous of you

fool nobody's jealous of you that's true
you can't pass through you got no crew
I'm a better lyricist and I deserve respect

I offended you and I'm gonna be arrested
atleast I'm accepted you've just been messed
your voice's noise is so annoying bro

you just a low hoe you can't flow
and your music quality sucks more
and don't even respond with a diss track

cause you just kissed my $$# crack
you're not king kong you're just a ping pong
player I'm a slayer where is my bomb ? dring drong

open for me the door to shoot you !@^%
ringed bell I still kill you're going to sell my jam in hell
you can't rhyme you can't spell, look at all the fair that you felt

ask yo GF she'll tell you that I nailed her under the hill this is silent hill
you'll never be an autograph signer u smell like an old ##&*%$
this is my castle you even can't battle grab a ladder

I'll crush your nuts and you'll never gonna be a father
I'll knock you with a hammer like I did for mc hammer in his hammer
no disrespect to mister hammer winter is cold summer is hot

and mc slice sucked me a lot stop you never smoke pot
you can't be under the spot you cause you're such a cunt
you can't bust on me you can't $#&@ with me you claim to hustle

On your body I'll broke every bone every organ every muscle
I write my own %#@! I do my own %#@!
and I don't ask others to share my hit

don't try to do what I do, old school flow I'll let
you look stupid you don't have any style
you've just been smacked up by
meteoric this is a freestyle battle not X files
I learned to freestyle before you caught your first smile

this is morocco not 8 mile i'll left ya twenty miles
No body beefs with celestyle's fead
specialy when I'm smoking weed
and listening to rolling in the deep
run with your maximum speed

I'll catch u murder you like $$#asin's creed
I'm a lead - er now show me what you got
if you can't shut the $#&@ up and suck my @@#!

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