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Melvins : Mary Lady Bobby Kins lyrics

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Melvins lyrics : "Mary Lady Bobby Kins"

MARY LADY BOBBYKINSLet's beginLet's all martyr my motherI forgetYou're the wonder walker.What is thereThis is true our cage missesAnd is it mine?And can it be your mouth?We all are hereWe all are just right nearAnd in my earI hear what you are now.Albion, Albion, Albion, AlbionUnderneath the MagickUnder all the LawWhat is this thing I see?Ordinary, ordinaryAlbion, Albion, Albion, AlbionLet me tell the worldHow you areWhat will your wife remember?Ordinary, ordinaryAlbion, Albion, Albion, AlbionNow that you've openedAll of our dull mindsLet me thank you most repeatedlyHands, eyes, tongue.

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