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Melvins : Magic Pig Detective lyrics

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Melvins lyrics : "Magic Pig Detective"

MAGIC PIG DETECTIVE Low soul in a manicFeels so only queen A deep tripe for a wander aimlessJust fakes his green Cuz I say no you're mine And I'm no only nine feedYou got a cross confusing my agesNot yet more me Cuz I say you're in a ready Bleach-hearted boy wretched voice indeed A prosthetic you waitin to destroyTwo sides to Dylan's haw heeFeeling like a cemetary Karpick a what is in meA drill a sin try to kill itI sit on a quire haw hee Gettin like a titty single onlyA bottom make a cell it's time to bleedTee, la-la hee-heePig try to give it to youKillin like a hundred an fifteen inFeed Birmingham

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