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Melvins : Hag Me lyrics

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Melvins lyrics : "Hag Me"

HAG MEI got my ceilingMotor and mailI only know the ceiling mouth.I make my cellYellow the soundThat emanates from under.Give me an gravityYour right left legHole in my hazer gives me you.Cat say you'll never keep my breathIt's wise to think you'll try.I grow the pistonI see the right'un onlyMake see the right'unGee knows the bitter roundly.Reachin' and growin'All things in fileGive me the air to make myTo hope for more antennaTee take the sender.I stole your gravityI damn your how.Don't hag me with your false green.I grow the pistonI see the right'un onlyThey see the right'unGee knows the bitter roundly.Lay sin an own ay like a barbBaby freighk haybay, dee.I'm in a lie mida make a mooCross a stake rollin' the why.Hey, hey, hey, hey.

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