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Melanie Fiona : Wrong Side Of A Love Song lyrics

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Melanie Fiona lyrics : "Wrong Side Of A Love Song"

Where were you when I needed a friend?
Thought I could be strong
Never knew I'd be so lost

A heart breaker, most of my life.
Suddenly it all changed
The moment you left me

I walked off my life
I try to break through
But you said I was playing myself.

What you gotta know about me
is that I can make this glory, hell.

And I don't wanna live without you,
Cause I can hardly breathe without you!

This is what it feels to be the one
Who's never left behind?
How did I become the wrong side of the love song?

Baby, I'm a mess
Out of every piece and part of me,

You're always the best
But it said I was leaving you here alone
But I didn't mean it,

No, I didn't mean it
Now I'm begging baby come home.

And you got me singing
Why you wanna make me cry?
I'll be thinking 'bout you

Got me dreaming 'bout you
Every single day and night.


How baby,

Wanna know, wait
Said that you'll be there for me
That you'll care for me

So now you gonna say goodbye.


I really need you now baby!
Oh baby, oh baby?

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