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MELANIE C lyrics : "Understand"

I'm looking at the floor
I'm looking anywhere to try to put my head into
A different place

I'm stopping it before
Before I think about the promise to myself that
I'm about to break

Fall into daydreams inside these walls
I must be out of my mind
Cause I don't even know you

But all I do is think about your face
And I don't wanna call you
But I wish I had your number just in case

And I never thought someone could shake me like
You can
Some things weren't designed to understand

I hope you didn't see
I hope you didn't notice if you did I hope you
Looked away

I'll keep it all to me
I'll keep on running cause it's only when I'm running that I feel safe
As I fall I must be out of my mind

Cause I don't even know you...
TV shows and cars that won't slow down
I should be looking for a chance but don't know how

Disillusion never let me down
Don't lose it now, don't lose it
I don't even know you...

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