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Maybach Dice lyrics : "Lord Knows"

Uh, Dad told me to be a man
I wear my heart in my hand, they acting like they don't see it, though
I remember rapping the freaky time 94

I was like fine surprised this real [email protected][email protected] go
And I with the subliminal...
I'm directing the track about you, I'm directly do that

These haters... me on records that are...
Cause I'm constantly on a consciousness they respect me for that
Uh... [email protected][email protected], five dollars...

Sucking dick like she never tried those things
He stay talking money, but it...
His pocket sole is broke like the...

Uh, hand on the Bible, [email protected][email protected], I would never...
Constipated with it, I ain't taking no %#@!
Every time I'm in the hood, [email protected][email protected] want some broad %#@!

Like... what you've been doing, now let me...

And ain't... rose man, focus, I tell him that I'm self made, [email protected][email protected] I got my own %#@!!

These... man, how they even allow it
I'm up there now, saying %#@! is been...
Uh, form a scale one to ten I'm staying balanced

Eating lunch with the devil, cause being in the hood was a challenge,
But the man upstairs tell me he's OK with that
So I don't take the %#@! like, I ain't going play with that.

Girl, I ain't wearing Louis, why do you care for that?
God got tiered, I say...
Guess the apple fell a little far from the tree,

And I'm eating of the poison that Adam gave to Eve
Or Eve gave it to Adam from the snake I believe
But before I go, I gotta say a prayer

Money, money, yeah

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