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MAXWELL : Love You lyrics

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MAXWELL lyrics : "Love You"

It's you it's you (oooohmmhmmm)


You come out from nowhere disappear and reappear
Hudini would be very proud
I can speculate your fears wander on your tears

But i just want to hear you sound
And i know your loves a little strange
Your soul is made above your dreams but tell me who's gonna

There's roads pavment made
With signs along the way come through somehow (whooa oh)

I can be anything you want me to be
I just want to love you

Show you exactly what you mean to me
Honey let me love you

Verse 2:
Listen to the way i feel
When love can change you love arranges you

Heaven is the day god sent you here
Hoping that love don't disappear
Fill you in ways i can't understand

Honey baby tell me i can be your man


Let me be anything you want me to be
Baby let me love you
Show you exactly what you mean to me

Honey let me love you
Love you now love you now (oooh mmhmm)

And even after years i need you when you don't
I remain more stubborn then i ever was before

I bet a witness got a witness for you girl
All night is good cause of you i mean the world
I'll never go i'm frozen i'm standing here

Won't move until the day i get you near
Hear me when i say you're the one i want
If you take this script don't let it go (ooohohohohoh)

Baby don't leave or never go (no)


-music fades-

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