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MAXWELL : Fortunate lyrics

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MAXWELL lyrics : "Fortunate"


Never seen a sun shine like this

Never seen the moon glow like this
Never seen the waterfalls like this
Never seen the lights off like this

Never dug anyone like this
Never had tasty lips to kiss
Never had someone to miss

Never wrote a song quite like this


Fortunate to have you girl,
I'm so glad you're in my world,

Just as sure as the sky is blue,
I bless the day that I found you.

[Verse 2:]

Never had room service all night

Never took a trip first class flight
Never had a love affair so tight
I've never felt a feeling so right

Never seen a winter so white
Never had words to recite
Never had a flame to ignite

And I never sang a song with all my might.

[chorus 2x]

Silence child hope you hear
I'm callin out to your body

Baby you know just what to do
Close the door no interlude

[chorus 2x]

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