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MAXWELL : As My Girl lyrics

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MAXWELL lyrics : "As My Girl"

Hey babe, it's been a long while
Baby, baby, been a mighty long time
I watched you, even though you would not see baby

(Check it)
Glad to see that you're still so fine and
I remember you back when

Girl you blew my mind
And I saw you, even though you would not see
Lady, yeah, yeah, yeah, baby, baby

[1] - Be as you are
Girl it's okay with me

You're such a star
Maybe one day you'll see
That whatever you are

I'm just hoping you'll be, as my girl, girl

Oh I need to be back

Back by your side
Sugar back way back when
Kissing was a crime

I miss you and I know you miss me
Baby, oh
Baby, baby, baby

[Repeat 1]

Babygirl, showing off cars with the laughter
You're my world (my world)
Paradise from deception

How about you and me ever after as my girl?

[Repeat 1 till end]

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