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Maxine Brown : My Time For Cryin' lyrics

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Maxine Brown lyrics : "My Time For Cryin'"

There's a million stars
Shining, oh, so bright
And there's a golden moon

On the hill tonight

It's time for lovers

To love each other
But it's my time for crying

I had the table set
Supposed to dine at right
Now it's half past nine

I believe it's just too late

But it's time to grow up

I don't think he's gonna show up
Yes, it's my time for crying
Oh, yeah, oh, oh, yes

Oh, I'll take a walk
Through the crowded streets

And visit the honky tonk places
On a gamble, on a chance
That I might meet that one

Out of a million faces

And maybe you'll be there

Maybe you'll be fair
And, darling, when you
Stop to remember

I'll believe that you even care

So, I'll hope and I'll pray

That I can get you back one day
But it's my time for crying
Oh, yes, oh, oh, yeah

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