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MAX STALLING lyrics : "The Rock Song"

Like the rocks that line this road I drive
My words might a have seemed so hard
But not a one was penned unkind

They were pieces of my heart
A weak attempt to explain some things
That were weighting on my mind

Now I find my biggest crime
Was keeping too much too long inside
Judging by my gages

I need to think about finding gas
But my minds been more than full
Thinking of you as the miles role past

I'm rolling down this highway

Trying to get a handle on events
With one hand on the steering wheel
And one hand on the wind

I hope it all made sense
I hope it all made some sense


I thought it would be better

If I'd paint my thoughts with ink
It seems my mouth don't work so well
Expressing what I think

Like the gravel on the road
Kicked up by the passing trucks
Words fly back in my face

And crack the windshields I put up

Repeat chorus:

I would like nothing better
Than for this to have worked out right

That's why I left that letter
On your car the other night
Now it seems so high school

But it seemed so right at the time
You get a letter on your windshield
I get away behind mine

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa