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MATTHEW DIEU ALLEN : Story Of My Life lyrics

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MATTHEW DIEU ALLEN lyrics : "Story Of My Life"

black sky moon light star bright
i have all i need tonight
dancing in this fairytale

wish this could last all time
never had a love more true
baby i have all i need and its you

cant believe my minds up
falling so fast so deep

just like a disney story
i the prince come to your rescue
give you a kiss and make a wish

that what we have may never end

we belong together

its so easy to see

when i hold your hand i hold it tight

wont let go on my life
and i see you smile

never felt this way before
your the one i know for sure
will spend our lifes together

and baby i promise i'll never stray
cuz waking up to you each day

makes me wanna stay in your arms

we belong together

its so easy to see

if the world shall end tonight

baby id be satisfied
having you in my life

we belong together
its so easy to see

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