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MARY MARY : Hold On lyrics

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MARY MARY lyrics : "Hold On"

Hold on to your faith
No matter what you been through

I know he'll make a way
If you just hang on
Just a little longer

Come on hold, hold, hold on
To your faith

I know that you have asked yourself
Will things ever change
And just the other day I asked the

Same thing
And the answer is plain
For you and me to see

That all we gotta do is hold on


Sometimes, sometimes I know you
Just feel like running from

All of the problems
They keep coming but I know
You won't break under pressure `cause

You know that God is with ya
If you feel me let me hear ya hold on


Keep on, keep on don't ever stop

It may get hard don't give up now
You've come too far to turn around
You're gonna make it some way

Somehow just


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