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MARY MARY : Happy lyrics

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MARY MARY lyrics : "Happy"

You make me happy,
Happy that I could ever be without you

Ain't no one out there that can
Do me like you do,
And I can't help but smile,

When I think about,
Cause you make me so happy.

You can have people all around you
But still feel alone
I'm mad for a woman two kids and a dog

Don't make your house a home
But I found out that I couldn't stay
Here without you beside me

There's no doubt that your love has turned my life around.


I got more friends than I can count
And I just fell in love,

My career ain't doing so bad right now
But nothing compares to ya
You bring me joy I can't explain

Even if I had the time,
You put a big smile on my face
Everytime you come to mind.


I could never never find another soul
There is no other that makes me feel this way
Who lifts me up no doubt

Who makes me smile when I frown
Who makes the love go around and I just wanna say

[Hook x3]

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