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MARY J BLIGE lyrics : "talk to me"

1st Verse:

Baby, you're a man

So I know it's hard
To reach out
For help

And let down
Ya guard
But I am

Your woman
So you gotta know why
I've been put on this Earth

To be right by your side
Now lately you've been
Tryna hide it

But somethings
On ya mind
But I care what's

Goin' on with you
Too much to
Let it slide

I'm over the fussin'
And I'm tryna
Stop cussin'

So we gonna chill
Let's start to
Reveal boy


Talk to me
(Just like you use to)
Talk to me

(I don't wanna loose ya so)
If you want to make
This work

The way I wanna
(I ain't gonna force ya
But you gonna)

Talk to me
(Just like you need to)

Talk to me
(Baby, I will receive you)
Every secret

You know
That I'll keep it
(Ain't I good to ya baby?)

So come and talk to me

2nd Verse:

Ain't no tellin' lies
Ain't no holdin' back

Ain't no tip-toeing
We too grown
For that

I'ma say some things

And I'm very clear
That you may say some things
I may not wanna hear

But I'ma listen to'em
And we gon' work it out
And if I need a breather

Let you go
Walk it out
I will never disrespect you

You are the head
But there's so many things
Goin' left unsaid

Repeat Hook 1x.


You know love
Is a process
And it ain't gon'

Happen over night
So be patient
With my short comings
You know how
Hard I try

Let's break down our barriers
That's standing
In our way
Get over yourself for me
(I'll get over myself for you)

Let's get over ourselves for us
Let's start to do

Repeat Hook 1x.


Oh ain't I good
To you baby
Ain't I good
To you baby

You can open
Your heart
You can open
Your mind
I'm all yours
And I'm your friend

You can talk to me
At any time
At any day
At any hour
I'm all yours so
I'll never leave ya
I've got your back

Repeat Hook 1x

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