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MARY J BLIGE lyrics : "Love"

Well it was like a party
But the kids seem to scatter off
(Kids seem to scatter off)

You told me all those lies
That I said you did
And I can't give one more chance

But I betcha I will show you
That the pick of a letter comes a little thicker
And I said it would

And it's been coming for a long time


Let's get you ready for another, another lifetime
Our position is just to see what you can do

Become a victim on the verge, I'll kick your $$# now

This is serious so you'll know what to do

You been wasting time

Are you out of your mind
Well you show me some love

With intentions high
You probably need a place to count your cash
(Need a place to count your cash)

You said you're sorry so many times
And I'm sorry that you ever did
Well you can take your life of love

And stick it up in your main frame
Cause there'll be no more second chances
No more hot romances

And I like it this way
So let me break it down for you


Better stop playin me

Start lovin me
I ain't the same woman giving love for free
All my life sittin, thinkin how to please you

Been flyin so long now, my screws are loose
Now it's time to move
Cause I'm sick and tired of playin the fool

Cause you play to lose
And I play to win
Tried not tosin

Treid to be your friend
Like every other girl
Never sexed your friends

But it's over now
And you saying, "How?"
I found something new

That worth the while
Instead of meesin with a bump cat poster child
But I'm focused now

People saying, "Wow!"
In place of a frown on my face, a smile
You must be out yo mind

I have no time to get you ready for a love of a liftime


You been wasting time
Are you out of your mind

Well you show me some love



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