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MARY J BLIGE lyrics : "Don't Walk Away"


[1] - Don't you walk, away from me

Cause I don't want to see you leave

[Repeat 1]

Tell me what
What is better than sharing

Sharing love with you
And tell what
What is better than caring

I want to spend my life with you

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

Oh do you know
Do you know how I'm feeling

When you're lying next to me
And does it show
Everything that I'm feeling

When you touch me it's real
Don't walk:

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

When we share

Our love I feel
Like it is so real
Please tell me the deal

I can make you see
What is extasy
Come and go with me

But don't walk away

Oh ooh

I don't wanna see you
Oh, oh, oh
I don't wanna see you

[Repeat 1 (4x)]

See I'm serious baby
But now it's a little off
But you can't walk away

Know what I'm saying
Cause you can't never lose the love that you never had
And if the ^!$$% never did love you

Then you ain't lost nothing
First of all, but if I love somebody
Please don't walk away

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