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MARVIN SAPP lyrics : "Holy"

Holy, You are worthy of all glory.
Oh holy, I'll reverence Your name.

You're righteous and deserving of all honor.
Oh holy, You're the Lamb that was slain.

[Verse 1:]
Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
enter His courts with praise, yes.

When I think of your holiness,
Lord, the Lamb that was slain, here's what I say...

(You are worthy)
You are so worthy, Lord,
I adore Your name, Lord.

(Ahh) You deserve all the honor
and Your name will always reign, for You are...


[Verse 2:]

Wonderful is Your name, mighty is Your power;
just to behold Your beauty and worship in Your temple.
I'm singing hallelujah, I give all praises to You, yes,

I bow down before You, I will place no one above You.


[Vamp 1:]
Holy, righteous, awesome, perfect.

Sovereign, matchless, mighty,
Lord, You're holy.

[Vamp 2:]
Holy, holy.
Holy, holy.

Sovereign, matchless, mighty,
Lord, You're holy.

[Vamp 1]

[Vamp 2]

[Vamp 3:]
Holy, holy.

Holy, holy.
Matchless, Lord, You're holy.

[Vamp 2]

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