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MARVIN SAPP lyrics : "Glory To The Lamb"

[Verse 1:]
I sing my Song to you, i give you praise
I lift my hands to You, my voice I raise

because of who you are
I am who I am
We sing glory to the lamb

You saved My soul from sin, answered my Prayer
Dressed me in righteousness, none can compare
Showed me the path to walk, you showed me your plan

We sing glory to the Lamb


There's one name above, earth and the sky
Lord Jehovah reigns, rules on high
We bow down before You, Great I Am

We Sing Glory to The Lamb

[Verse 2:]

You are the only one, who gave me hope
Took all the broken dreams and made them whole
You found the best in me and showed me who I am

We sing glory to the lamb
There is no other name, no, that I can call
You Showed me that you are my all in all

Your strength empowers me to be what I can
We Sing glory to the Lamb

[Chorus: x2]


Lamb of God, holy lamb of God
You are the great I am
You're the King of Kings

You're the Lord of Lords
and we move at your command



Sing halleluyah to risen king
Sing halleluyah let his praises ring
Sing halleluyah to the graet i am

We Sing glory to the lamb

We Sing glory to the lamb. [x4]

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