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MARVIN SAPP lyrics : "Don't Count Me Out"

Left alone but never forgotten*
Misunderstood but my future is just starting

God is molding me and making me
He's building me and shaping me
A king is being formed right in front of your eyes

So don't count me out


So don't count me out
When you don't see what He sees
You can't tell but His glory is resting on me

I'm His choice
I'm after his heart
The unveiling is starting now

So don't count me out
[Repeat in Unison]

I'm no longer the same no more (So don't count me out)
There has been a change in me (So dona't count me out)
For there are enemies that I must defeat

It's my time
It's my time
Don't count me out

Don't count me out


There's a king in me (don't count me out)
Goliaths' to defeat (don't count me out)
Visions to decree (don't count me out)

It's my destiny (don't count me out)

There's a king in me
Goliath' to defeat

Visions to decree
It's my destiny

Don't count me out

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