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MARVIN SAPP lyrics : "All About You"

It's All About You
I'm So Glad That I Have Found

The One Who Turned My Life Around
Made My World A Better Place To Live

It's All About You
I'm So Glad You Came This Way
Made My Darkness Turn To Day

Now It's For You I Will Live

So Many Days, In So Many Ways

I Took For Granted All Tha You Planted
In My Life For Me To Enjoy

Since I Was A Little Boy
Now My Eyes Are Open
So I Can See All You've Done For Me

You Made My Life Complete
So Much Joy To Me You Bring
So Forever I'll Lift My Voice And Sing


[Repeat Above Verse]

For You

All I Do Is For You

Even In My Darkest Hour

You Are There To Give Me Power
I'm So Glad I Found Peace I You

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