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MARTHA REED GARVIN : O Why Not Tonight? lyrics

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MARTHA REED GARVIN lyrics : "O Why Not Tonight?"

O do not let the Word depart,
And close thine eyes against the light;

Poor sinner, harden not your heart,
Be saved, O tonight.

O why not tonight?
O why not tonight?

Wilt thou be saved?
Then why not tonight?

Tomorrow's sun may never rise
To bless thy long deluded sight;
This is the time, O then be wise,

Be saved, O tonight.


Our Lord in pity lingers still,
And wilt thou thus His love requite?

Renounce at once thy stubborn will,
Be saved, O tonight.


Our blessèd Lord refuses none

Who would to Him their souls unite;
Believe on Him, the work is done,
Be saved, O tonight.


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