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MARLON ALARM lyrics : "Heaven"

Some people say that I should love myself and love alone
But how can I love someone I don't even know?
Sometimes I look at my reflection - I feel satisfied

But good enough isn't enough when I'm the only one by my side


Send my wishes to a well, and all my prayers straight to hell
'Cause no matter how alone, I've never felt so at home
Let me out and hear me roar, 'cause I can't take it anymore

Say goodnight - I wish you well - and we'll make Heaven out of hell

Sometimes the best of words are said without making a sound

So why would you try to say something I might consider profound?
All of my friends and kind of crazy, but that's just fine
'Cause everyone's got problems, yeah - it's not a big deal, no

I don't mind


Heaven! [×7]


Heaven! [×6]

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