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MARLA SOKOLOFF : Maybe I'm Wrong lyrics

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MARLA SOKOLOFF lyrics : "Maybe I'm Wrong"

Ten thousand thoughts run through my mind
Who's looking better, who's left me behind
How can I conceive

What made you pick up and leave

Maybe I'm wrong about tomorrow

Who am I to say

Who am I to say
Live in the moment
He loves you today

I love you anyway
You don't love me
But wrapped around your finger

Is where I'll always be

Grant me salvation at the circle

Give me up this isn't hell
I've been dragged down before
And its a song I know too well

Maybe I'm wrong about tomorrow


Its gonna be on my terms

I'll calculate it all out oooh
My life, I take it, is worth it
Love is going to be worth it

Maybe I'm wrong about tomorrow
How could you see me this way



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