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MANILA LUZON : Best XXXcessory lyrics

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MANILA LUZON lyrics : "Best XXXcessory"

I love bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings
Diamond tiaras ? all these glittery things!

Without these things my look would be incomplete
But you just made them obsolete!

See it in my eyes saying' I want some more
You and me together's kinda hard to ignore
Come out the closet don't be scared to get close

Cuz you look fierce with my stilettos


You dress me up (Ooh you make me fancy)
You dress me up (You're my best accessory)
Everything about you is so sparkly

Anything you want you're gunna get from me
You dress me up (You're my best accessory)

X-X-X X-X-Accessory
X-X-X X-X-Accessory
X-X-X X-X-Accessory

You're my - you're my best accessory


I don't mind if we're movin' too fast
Cuz like a diamond, babe, forever we'll last
Can't go out of style it's more than a trend

You're more than a lover, darling, you're my best friend

I'll pick out your clothes we'll go out tonight

I like the way we look in the spotlight
I could even wear a brown paper bag
Cuz with you on my arm the kids will still GAG!


I'd look a mess
Alone in a dress

But you by my side
Gives me my life
Rather go go nude

And cover in you!
So put your hand in mine
Let's dress up tonight X4


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